Why prompt wrong username when register?
After filling username, there will be prompt on the page. If it is available, there will be a tick after the item. If not, there will be related error message on the right.
The reason may be one of the following:
1. The member ID you enter duplicates an existing one.
The member is exclusive, not repeated. We suggest that you can try other spell combination. For example, if the ID stone has been registered, you can try using stone2002, stone12345 and so on.
2. The length of the username you enter is substandard.
The length of the username must be between 4 and 20 characters. Too long or too short can't be accepted by the system.
3. The username you enter contains illegal character.
Username can be only composited by English characters and numbers. Punctuation, blank, *, @ and other characters can't be accepted by the system. Such as stone btb, stone@btb, stone*btb are all invalid username.
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